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ATLAS Devkit Mega-Update 2 Available!

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The new ATLAS Devkit update, including all of the latest content from Mega-Update 2 is now available!

You can download the update from here: (The ATLAS Mod Kit can now be installed from the Epic Launcher)
The optional Ocean map sublevels can be downloaded from here: ( The Ocean Map Sublevels can be selected as an optional package when installing from the Epic Launcher)

This is a full devkit download, so it is recommended that you back up your mod content before migration.

With this update also comes a few mod community request fulfillments:

  • Added JSON object library.
  • Added blueprint interface for anonymous communication between mods.
  • Added helper functions for:
    • Searching for creatures by ID.
    • Retrieving filtered class lists.

* Please note that a server version of at least v207.6 is required to make use of these new functions.

The JSON support, coupled with the added blueprint interface, holds a lot of potential for anonymous communication between mods and I will be covering it more in depth soon. We hope that everyone enjoys the new additions!

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