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Dedicated Server Ongoing Character Logging In Bug UNRESOLVED

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This is an issue that has happened to a few different players on different servers, different times, different hosts and I have yet to find a fix.


Here's what happens: 

-A player is disconnected for whatever reason or logs off and when tries to log back in, they cannot. They get hung up on Loading Primalgamedata or at the loading mod screen. 

-Other players can join just fine. The player cannot recreate a character or choose another server. We have even had their character killed by a predator so that maybe it would cause the bugged out character to be able to rejoin somehow. It does not work. 

Here's what the stuck players have tried: 

-They have ran a file integrity check. They have uninstalled the mods and let them reinstall one at a time. They have tried joining the game through other players and through the server ip steam window. They have tried joining other servers and then coming back to this one. 


What works to fix the issue?

-I can wipe the server and then the character is freed up so it seems like a possible character file corruption. How can this be fixed? Has anyone else come across this and found a fix? 


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This is happening to my fresh install of the game, both fresh 1x1 server, and fresh client install. 

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I found this. You can edit the REDIS DB and remove all traces of the player. This sucks in that they must start over, but it should allow players to play again. A kind admin can give up some XP to help get them back on their feet. 🙂


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