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Egon von Sturmberg

pve Sell Tortugas - House Sturmberg Quality Tames EU PVE

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Ahoy Captain's and Mermaid's, we re sellin Tortugars check our discord for more informations and pictures: https://discord.gg/7JbR3Vs


Level 1 - Tortuga - 1.000 Gold



Level 4 - Tortuga - 2.000 Gold



Level 7 - Tortuga - 3.500 Gold



Level 8 - Tortuga - 4.000 Gold



Level 10 - Tortuga - 10.000 Gold - SOLD



LEVEL 19 - Tortuga - 9.500 Gold



LEVEL 22 - Tortuga - 11.000 Gold



Level 38 - Tortuga - 38.000 Gold



Level 42 - Tortuga - 42.000 Gold


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Yup, rather have prices on the forums than going to someones discord.

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