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How to change from PTR back to Official servers.

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When you want to get back from PTR to official just do these small steps and you should be able to get back in official servers just fine.

when you wanne join officials again after playing PTR
1: go to beta and turn it to none
2: restart steam
3: start game and click join new server
4: filter server back to official
5: choose a place to spawn and gg you can now continue to enjoy atlas

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I'm having real trouble getting back to NA-PVE.   I'm familiar with how to bounce back and forth from PTR from the last time, but this time I can't get back into the NA-PVE servers.  

I turn off beta in steam -nada. 

I even uninstalled & reinstalled Atlas.  nada. 

In either case, it won't connect me to my server, just bounces back.  Now, in the Official Live server my only choice refers to the PTR Server, so I try to join a "new" server and get bounced again.   Rinse repeat.   

It's like the game's lost my character & I'm  very concerned my character is wiped now.  No way of checking.   

UPDATE: I left the Server Timeout dialogue box open for quite awhile and eventually got in game

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Even if you want to participate in the PTR, you don't want to do it because you have to install it again.

I deleted it now. It's being reinstalled.I won't go back to PTR again.

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