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Greetings Shipmates!  


With the upcoming mega patch I know many of you are looking for a new community to call home.  [A1] is a community a cut above the rest with a unique map design that has something for everyone.


Are you looking to be a Pirate who terrorizes the seas and lives on their ship?  We have you covered!  


Are you looking to be a Merchant who seeks out the rarest materials and opens up a trading port?  We have you covered!


Are you looking to be a Mercenary who builds an epic fortress and lays siege to your enemy’s bases?  We have you covered there too!  


At [A1] we have implemented a groundbreaking map design and faction system. Our 7 x 7 world includes multiple Golden Age Ruins so all power stones are obtainable, a zone for the Kraken, Lawless zones, PvE territories, and PvP regions.  Our faction system consists of 3 individual groups.  Merchants (PvE), which are your more traditional PvE role, will spawn with 20% more carry weight and intelligence.  Mercenaries (PvP), which are your traditional PvP role, spawn with 20% more HP and Stamina.  Pirates (Lawless PvP), which live on ships or on land that is claimless in Lawless regions spawn with 50% more Oxygen capacity and Gold Find as well as 20% higher Melee.


Check out this presentation that goes further into our upcoming changes for post mega patch. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1YUiAZ_jalWyp269jjC3sa1hZac-B3bYfTcak7LXRtdk/edit?usp=sharing  



  • 7 x 7 world -Custom quests built by the community

  • Weekly bonuses voted on by the community

  • PvE, PvP, and Lawless Zones -Monthly events with epic rewards

  • Clipping turned on for easier building -Unlimited Respecs

  • Active admin team -All Power Stones

  • Kraken (The Maw)

  • Live map ( http://www.A1Atlas.com/ )

  • Merchant and Ghost Ships

  • Grids are on dedicated boxes based in Canada



  • Harvesting: 2x PvE & PvP / 2.5 Lawless PvP / 3x Bloodworks

  • Taming: 2x

  • Ship of the Damn: 0.5x  



  • A Custom mod built specifically for the [A1] community

  • Pirate Quest

  • Eco’s Atlas Foliage

  • Eco’s RP Décor  


Server Link:



Discord Link:


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