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Powerstone cave infini-spawns intended or bug?

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So, we clear the powerstone cave from all the lions, bats, and AoD that spawned, and... they spawn again. We clear it again, and... they all spawn again. And so on, over and over.

The way to get it seems to be to sprint for the altar through a side passage before the spawns fully arrive. We didn't find that very engaging nor rewarding.

So, before all the cries of "l2p n00b", is this the intended way of getting the powerstones? If so, as much as the boss fight was neat, this sucks balls. They should just spawn once, clearing the cave is effort enough.






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Because recently they made it that power stone island have 3X faster respawn and yes it included the cave which have ton of creatures inside .

Don't waste bullet ,just lure them all into the water hole and your only concern is the bat .

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Intended?  We do not know.  Assumed to be yes.


Like Kampfer said.  Lure them into the pit below the bridge.  We've found the best way to do this is to sprint in there before anyone has a chance to spawn everything and cause a traffic jam.  If another group is already there wait for them to clear out and wait for everything to despawn.  It can get really messy. 


I made the M12 run with nobody else around.  I pretty much walked in and got it done.  As I was crossing the bridge all the mobs started spawning, but it was too late for them as I completed the quest a couple seconds later.   The more people you have doing this the more difficult it becomes. 

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