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PVEGaming is a community of gamers that play survival games, we host several servers with other games like Rust, 7dtd, Ark, etc. We have active and friendly adult admins that have been doing this for several years and truly care about their community. 

Servers are in North America.

Website: http://www.pvegaming.com/

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/pHxZTRv

Atlas Server Rates:

  • 5x5 Grid (25 server zones)
  • x2 Harvest Health
  • x5 Harvest
  • x10 Experience
  • x10 Taming
  • x2 Player Stats per level 
  • Increased Engram Points
  • x2 treasure
  • x5 shipwreck treasure
  • *Many more tweaks, too many to list

Island points:

  • PVE-100 point solo to 150 points with 5 players in your company
  • PvP - 250

100 is enough to buy one large island or 2-3 small/medium

Other Features:

  • Custom leveling tables for players and tames.
  • Player max level before discovery points 130.
  • Engram points increased so you can unlock everything.
  • Breeding, gestation, and maturation speed increased.
  • Running colonies system
  • All Quests are completable
  • All explorer notes
  • the submarine is unlockable without the quest(engram)
  • 4 freeports- A2, C4(PvP), D1, E2- pick where you want to spawn!
  • PvP area in the lower right of map(4 grids-C4,C5,D4,D5)
  • Cross Grid Chat
  • Starter kits
  • In Game points and Shop
  • Web store
  • /help menu

Mod List:


Map areas:


  • The Infernal Gulf (A1) PVE
  • The Crystal Waters (A2)-Freeport PVE
  • Tunna Bay (A3)- PVE
  • Ellingterel Deep (A4) PVE
  • Wasanola Ocean(A5) PVE
  • Barrville Deep (B1) PVE
  • Gatistall Tides (B2)-PVE
  • Keeldiac Expanse (B3) PVE
  • Millbury Abyss (B4) PVE
  • The Depths of Stonedeen (B5) PVE
  • The Gulf of Waheller (C1) PVE
  • Minneney Ocean (C2) PVE
  • The Maw (C3) PVE-Boss
  • Islinghurst Expanse (C4) Freeport-PvP
  • The Misty Domain (C5) PvP
  • Summerset Waters (D1) PVE-Freeport
  • Fordboro Gulf (D2) PVE
  • Bientos Waters (D3) PVE
  • The Mighty Abyss (D4) PvP
  • The Grave Deep (D5) PvP
  • Smithsburg Sea (E1) PVE
  • Whitegrave Tides Gulf (E2) PVE -Freeport
  • The Sea of Picrood (E3) PVE
  • Presborg Sea (E4) PVE
  • The Depths of Lamalis (E5) PVE

Come join us!

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Added 2 new mods Total Ships and Sails and made some qol changes to breeding and leveling for players and tames, increased player max level to 130(before discovery points).
See above for details, come check us out! 

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New 5x5 map!! see details above. x2 our normal rates(Exp, Harvest, taming) all weekend to celebrate the grand opening of the new map on a new server!

Come join us

We also have a Blackwood server

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