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Sadie Blackhawk

Animals not attacking back in water.

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I noticed it first when I was running the shoreline, lion dismounted me and bear on follow. I'd end up dead. If bear was a little offshore in water they won't fight back. Now I've lost 2 animals-giraffe and rhino. Really a  lvl 60+ animals dying to a lvl 1 or lvl 5 crocodile?

Almost lost another rhino this morning due to it. When I logged in it was at 1/4th health. They just sit there and get eaten in water that's not even all that deep.  Yes my animals were on neutral. I had to round the rest up. Also I had 2 parrots and 2 seagulls in cages. They are awol. I put them in there so they wouldn't fly off. Could we please get a perch or something for birds to sit on so they don't fly away.

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