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Giraffe and elephant taming needs rework

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  • Network: Official
  • Grid: all
  • Description of issue:
    Taming of elephants seems buggy, as the hit of their tusks also hits the tamer when standing behind his legs, behind a wall ... it simply hits everyone through everything, and it is almost impossible to tame it with high efficiency.

    The giraffe rotates 90 degrees when it is bola'd and then gets aggroed - so if you bola it and then want to feed it and stand too near, it randomly rotates 90 degrees without animation and hit the tamer in his back.

    Both issues are not necessarily gamebreaking, but really annoying.
  • Any screenshots or video demonstrating the bug: -
  • Repro steps if available/applicable: see description
  • CCC (if location specific, please include the CCC with your report): -

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