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unable to board my ship with rope ladder

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There is a very annoying bug in boarding my ship using the rope ladders.

Sometimes it seems to be impossible to get on the ship because I cannot use this rope ladder.

I press "E" to use it, I hang on the ladder but when I want to move upwards, I just swim against my ship and leave the ladder. 

Other Times, I can climb up half the way, then the character stops and only thing to do is jump from the ladder try once again.

Sometimes I can climb up the complete Ladder but I am stuck at the top and connot enter the ship.


It is really annoyoing to try 40 times to get on the ship. If this would happen once, ok. But sometimes it's really every time I want to get back on my ship and it is an easier and faster way to build a ramp then to use the ladders. This cannot be intended?


So the hardest thing when gathering the chests in the ocean is to get back on the ship before you will be eaten by anything. 


PLEASE fix this. Make the ladders work or give us a command like for tames to "teleport" on the ship.

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Same... Can't climb back or attached side ladders to board ship. Ship is anchored. Ladders do work some days, not all days and not today.

This only happens to me on G2. I've not had this issue anywhere else.

Just spent 15 minutes trying, again, now will die and rez elsewhere. No reason to rez to ship without fur, I'd only freeze to death.

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Tundra regions? Yep.. common bug there.  Relogging will temp fix it.

Or use normal ladders instead of rope.

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