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Animal Stats Inconsistent when Leveling

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When leveling animals, the stats are not consistent between the increase amount shown and the actual increase when the level is put in. This only takes effect if an animal had points previously put into a stat, and you have logged into the server since its last level.


Steps to reproduce: Look at the stat increase amount for an animal that has 2 or more levels available. Put a level into that stat and notice that it did not change, as (I believe) is intended. Leave the server by logging or teleporting to a bed on another zone, then re-enter the server. Look at the stat increase amount, and notice that it has gone up. However, when you put the next level in, it will only increase the stat by the first (smaller) number. If your animal has a 3rd level available, you will see the stat increase amount go back to the first (correct) increase amount.


It looks like the stat increase amount is some percentage of the base stat amount, but it is getting confused between the base stat amount and the current stat amount when displaying the increase value. Some sort of initialization error, perhaps?

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I can second this.

Apparently the stats should show the growth based on a certain percentage of the base amount (tamed levels 0 value), BUT it does display the growth for the respective stats current value, including the values granted by tamed levels. The growth of the stat when applying the levelup however is not the displayed one, but the regular one for the base amount.


It's not really a major bug, but rather something cosmetic, though it should be fixed rather easily, as I hope

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