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Can you use a map made prior to 1.5? How much changed?

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Is it possible to use a map you made prior to 1.5?  What are the new islands?  If I just add the trench and new islands, is my old map good to go?  Thanks!

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Posted (edited)

A large island changed origin and needs wiped and repositioned.  check the grid editor bug reports for details.

The western tundra powerstone island was stripped bare and needs wiped and replaced with the eastern tundra version.

You will still have the old claim flag system - it defaults to empires so only the timer changed.  With admins and rules the old system worked very well. 

Quests are revised and new. 

add New trenches.   

add New eastern tundra. 

replace all the biome templates 

reposition your npc ship paths.

lock all your old islands, and hope the island editor does not move them anyways causing them to wipe.  We ended up pasting new stuff manually using text editor.

Freeport spawns are screwed up if you had non freeport islands mixed in, there is a workaround.

The editor has issues making duplicated ids that need hand worked around

Old characters will be hobbits and need wiped and releveled if that annoys the player.

We have spent a month working on it with the goal not to wipe.  Lots of testing.

You best bet is to join the Atlas Server Owners Support discord (unofficial).   There are still people in there trying to get their servers working.



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Thanks! sounds like i might as well start fresh!  Are the quests still set up the same? Do you have the discord server name?

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