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breeding Improved breeding + tribe imprinting

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My Suggestions

- Penguin Insulation buff - Improve the penguins to give more hypothermia  and hyperthermia insulation to babies 
- Tribe Imprinting



- Breeding Token or Breeding Skills

          Breeding Token = "Valentines Chocolate Candy"

          - Maturation bonus


          Breeding Skill

          FeatMother's Touch

          FeatMother's Warmth

          - Maturation bonus for imprinting the animals without the help of your tribe

          - gives you a short term imprint bonus

          - insulation buff to nearby babies

          - reduced gestation cool-down

          - Cow's Milk gives babies a insulation buff


These suggestions are just a starting point. If you have more suggestions or better ideas to improve breeding please post it below and hopefully the developers will read this and make breeding not as demanding.

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I don't mind it being difficult, I don't mind it taking a long time.

Just make it possible for people who go to bed at 00:00 midnight and get home from work at 17:00 to be able to at least be able to do it, even if you end up with a lesser quality bred animal due to missed imprints.

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