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Golden Age Ruins SotD Spawns

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Good Morning,


Hopefully this is the right place to post it, in de Bug report system i dont find the right section.

After the Last Balance of the Golden Age Ruins with the Rebalance of the respawns,they are nearly no more SotDs there. They Take a redeciolus large amount of time to respawn and in the wohle grid are at the same time at max only 2 fleets with 6 Ships.

We scanned yesterday with 6 Ships for Like 4 hours the Grid and checked our Expirence with other companys and the answers wehre all the same. I would be nice if you could rework the current situation. ATM the Golden Age is the easiest Grid, even in free Port you got more Damage from decay then in Golden Age from Enemys.




best regards Efariam

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Ye spawn is really really low now. Increase it to pre-nerf state 🙂

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