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Some of my suggestions/fantasies for the game

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These are just some of my suggestions/fantasies for the game . I do not post a lot but I have the day off and Waiting around for 2x to kick in (hopefully).  :skull:

Creature specific looking saddles.....- also add armor to the saddles. 
add the hitching post and make it usable on a boat ! making the animals more of a structure when sailing
More decor,(paintable)  I feel like this is not a want but a need, I mean with all these great modders out there start a community event where players can choose what decor mod to add to the game, Personally I want eco's or Peachy decor.  We need decor to give our bases a lived in and unique feel, making it more immersive.
I know this might not seem important but it is to me I am a girl and I want options.(aka let me decorate!) 

make the Garden more rewarding- add alchemy-potions would be a great addition to the game. 
Make crafted food stack to 100. all the effort it takes to get each ingredient only to have it stack to 5 is just painful, or let them stack to 5 in player inventory but in preserving bags (or ice box) they can stack to 100. 
add a food that gives a buff to cold resistance-or underwater temperate to go with the waterbreathing. 
add a food that gives resource gathering buff. 
give us a use for spoiled meat other than feeding a tamed crab, let us make medicine, or use it in alchemy. oh and a multivitamin under medicine!

Add a  resource gathering song to the accordion. Add a Crafting speed song. Add a song that gives temperate buffs. The accordion is one of my favorite things in the game and I love watching my son play it while me and my hubby dance around him. there are a lot of land lubbers out there like myself. 

Ferryman- slow npc powered boat that goes from island to island in each livable grid. maybe once or twice a day. And announces what island he is at upon arrival (but have an option to turn the announcements off)  each island would have a ferryman dock where they can wait to travel to the other islands.

I took this part from my other post.

  • *-New tames-*
  • Crew- Gardener- makes sure crop plots have fertilizer, gardener also makes fertilizer when u give them thatch and poop in inventory. 
  • Pigeons- adds pigeons and pigeon posts to the game where players can send messages to ,and small items to each other at the pigeon post.) 
  • Cats-allow better vision at night and can detect nearby enemy players.
  • *new item* hitching Post!.....  O.o
  • Dogs-Man's best friend-on follow gives a loyalty buff-
  • Tiny /baby drakes-Small species of drakes that doesn't get big making them perfect shoulder buddies. Drakes from the cold give cold resistance, drakes from desert give heat resistance etc... (pfft we all want to be the mother of dragons... just saying)
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