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pve Friendly, Active, 7x7 PvE - Disunity Survival!

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Let me introduce you to a Brand New 7x7 PVE Server, already ranked in the top 20 (atlasserverlist), known as Disunity Survival!

Hosted on the East Coast in the US of A, Disunity Survival is a whitelisted only and professionally hosted PVE & PVP Atlas game server. That's right there's some PVP grids too!  They offer a friendly and mature (16+) community on a custom 7x7 map including all biomes, quests, events and custom mods.
They offer increased rates with 3x harvesting, ~5x breeding and 1.5x XP

Don't let the application process deter you.
This server is worth it.  It's how the admins weed out the bad apples from the group.  This community and discord is super friendly, active and very helpful!  Don't miss out on the opportunity for the Atlas experience you have been looking for, because you don't feel like filling out a 2 minute application!

The 7x7 Map
The map features everything you need to fully enjoy the game. Along with all biomes, our world features high level creatures and is divided into different types of zones:

  • Freeport ~ Our central hub.
  • Regular ~ Regular areas you can claim and live in.
  • Golden Age Ruins ~ Areas for the Voyage of Power and Journey of the Gods quests.
  • Emerald Sea ~ Hard PVE zones with increased rates.
  • Red Sea ~ PVP zones with even higher rates.
  • Over 500 Island Discoveries

There is a lot of things planned for the future. Stay tuned!

Custom Mods
The admins develop their own mods for the community along with some additional mods that run on the server.
Some of the main custom features are:

  • Custom progression for characters and dinos up to level 1000.
  • Stacking mod and reduced weight for resources.
  • Unlimited pick up of structures.
  • All non-mythical land creatures can be tamed.
  • Custom creature settings for Alphas.
  • Reduced Alpha level and damage.
  • Custom taming and breeding settings.
  • Custom ship classes for freight transport and war.

Don't delay, visit today! https://disunitysurvival.com/

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What an impressive first week for the server! Lots have joined and hope to see many more in the near future! I hear there's going to be an event next weekend!

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Week 2 is almost in the books. We have gained some great new members! There's still many many spots available! Event starts tomorrow, don't miss out!

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We're up to Rank 5 now!  Many players are having fun! You can too!

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Sorry my experience was not all nice and rosey people have a right to know this.  I had a bad experience with this server and people should know about it. I get warned not to make a negative post about a server? That is a joke. So am I only permitted to say positive things about the game too? What kind of a joke is this?

Warn me again it is fine. This server is an issue when they are representing the game. Sad that staff feel the need to supress negative feedback.

I got back on their discord and they thought the whole thing was a joke.Offering them any kind of feedback is mocking them. Making suggestions to better their server is not allowed and results in ban. They choose to cry to moderators here instead of talking it out. What does that say about my feedback.

Ok well I cleaned it up much better this round. People should know and I felt I should share. I know positive feedback is welcome as other servers I praise and there are no warnings.

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It's understandable that we can't make everyone happy and there may someone here or there who find that this server is not for them and thats perfectly ok.  Thanks for leaving a comment and sorry it didn't work out for you.

This is a great community and a welcoming place for anyone.  We encourage everyone to check us out and experience the server for themselves.  The admins are very active in the development of their own mods for the server, this ultimately allows us the players to shape the future of the server any way possible, without the need to rely on other mod's.  There are also weekly contests for everyone to join!  With a 7x7 server, there's a lot of space for everyone to come and claim an island and make it their new home!

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