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Breeding Giraffes and Elephants Temperaturbug!

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I do not think it's funny anymore what we're supposed to do with breeding animals.

The giraffes and elephants freeze at 22:30 clock in time to at 2:30 clock in the morning. And from 12:30 to 16:00 in the afternoon, it is generally too hot! And all that regardless of the ambient temperature and regardless of the weather.

It is as good as meaningless whether the young animals are in the house or on land or in the water. First comes the influence of the time and only then the influence of weather conditions. If I have a heat wave before 16 then this affects the animal, after 16 o'clock it can have 57 ° C that does not matter to the animal!

I've lost more than 20 baby animals because it's too cold for them from 11:00 pm in the morning and too hot after 12:00 in the evening. Building with the big walls is just as pointless as building a house around the house, the temperature stays the same inside and out! If it is 18 ° C outside then it has 18 ° C inside!

While the player gets a house buff, the baby animals get none of it. It does not isolate the house, nor does it heat the house to a through temperature.
You write in your patch notes and announcements that you want to optimize the game for single players and small groups. Then do something for it, the I notice nothing of it! I can not sit down 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, just to keep 1 in 10 or 20 baby animals alive!
It should be a game that is fun and not a game that replaces my workplace.
Finally do something that you can breed his animals in a reasonable way. Finally do what the animals benefit from the house buff and do not die all the time.

I have just lost another giraffe that died despite 700 life within minutes. And that's because the health has fallen extremely fast and I could not save the giraffe despite a water bath because the giraffe does not benefit from the cold of the sea. While I almost froze in the water, the giraffe died because of the heat. This is only the shrine, so you can not play this game with fun anymore.
It is OK that the breeding of animals involves difficulties, but they must be solvable and with normal effort be able to handle. Having to be online around the clock, accompanied by enduring ones, does not mean that I can afford to spend a reasonable amount of money on breeding animals.

Sincerely, DarthAsterix
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Bump because the breeding temperature mechanics are the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.

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I think the same. When you breed elephants, you set up so many fires that you are dying 
yourself constantly due to the heat, but the room temperature barely rises. 
I brought an elephant up to 8% in Low Desert. There were 10 Melting 3 Grills 4 Penguins around it. 
Nothing helped. Why does the older the elephant gets, the faster life gets faster in the cold? 
This is totally unrealistic, your own base looks like the center of hell because so many fires 
are burning and the baby elephant freezes to death, while your own character dies of overheating. 
Stop this nonsense!

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I just spent over 6 hrs tending a baby elephant had him to 9.8 percent maturity and he freezes to death seems like the more health he had the faster he lost it. I had 18 grills and 10 torches set up which seemed to work fine until he got over 9 percent maturity


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