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Rework the skill trees so that it focuses on interesting player preferences and choices instead of forcing you into certain paths

everyone has to start in the same place (survival)... boy, I wonder what I'm going to pick first! (I bet it's survival!)

Everyone takes building (except you 3, I know) because it's on the way to so many other things. That's not an interesting choice. Also currently you have to pick beast mastery or you are wasting your time (not a good thing)

Redesign skill trees so you start anywhere you want and make choices that are interesting, add more feats (I'm sure players would be happy to help with ideas if your don't have any) and fewer required picks that you may never use

There is plenty of replayable content with player interactions. focus on character development and improving the gameplay you have rather than throwing more pve content at us and then SELL US COSMETICS!!! (Ever heard of fortnite? Allow yourselves to make money!)

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