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ship combat sucks

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What: There are 2 things people use right now: cannons with cannon balls, large cannons with large cannonballs

Why: all you need to do is break planks and ships sink, cannons do plenty of damage to sails


cannon balls should not do splash damage to structures, they are not grenade launchers... that's what a spike shot is

bar shots should be the only thing that can do much to sails. Currently a good burst of heavy cannons can completely destroy a sail

don't make planks come off completely from cannon balls. instead, weak planks can be pierced, hitting the things inside the boat

make cannonballs lose at *least* most of their momentum and damage the moment they touch water

dont make loss of planks sink ships, especially top planks that never touch water. This would add to realism too... wooden ships did not sink from cannonballs (hitting water, especially) they sank from getting really messed up, and even then they floated, in wreckage. A ship can start taking on water from having an overall loss of hp, maybe a % of damage to all planks and decks, or possibly just *lower* planks and decks. Losing a ship from 1 missing plank out of 40... or 72 is just less fun

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