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Since the main focus of this game is the sailing & ships I would like to suggest adding Harbor-Items.

Especially in hindsight of the adding of Torpedo’s to the game real Harbor-Structures should be a thing. Of course you can already build your version of a Dock – but this is not really optimal (speaking as someone that has a humongous Harbor): The bazillion of structures do not help the Server performance at all and the worst part - all these structures render often way too late for many people. You can get shot down or crash into a harbor without even seeing it. The big walls helped already a lot with this problem. But there is room for more. Here some ideas:

Wharf/Quay - to load and unload. Including Item's like a crane, extendable platform (kind of like the elevator but horizontal) and so on.

Dock's & Pier's – they already exist in the game as items (see Freeport and so on). Make them craft able and snap able (with a toggle if they should snap or not). It will help a lot if a big Dock is just maybe 3 structures (like the big walls) instead of hundreds!

Harbor-Walls (Sea Walls - also counter wave-movement) & Gates (designed for Waterplacement, example: Lock Gates). Placing stuff under water is beyond terrible. Harbor-Items should be able to be placed on the big under water rocks and not get obstructed by them. In this category one could also add defense against Torpedo’s.

All the harbor-items like mooring cleat stock, ship fender and so on. The mooring cleat stock could work as an item that pulls the ship into place and functions like an anchor. If you’re close enough you get the option to use this and then the ship gets pulled automatically.

Decorative but usable Items like Alarm-bells, Dressing-Line's & flags for them and so on.

Any more ideas? 🙂

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There was a mod on ark that had dock pieces that extended the corner posts down to the sea floor.

Not sure if it was S+, but they sure looked good and was only 1 piece, not 1 ceiling and a dozen pillars.


idea for Dock piece described above:

Press 'T' for 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 0 pillings also for 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 0 pillings with bollard.

Press 'E' to rotate

Make wood & stone versions, same look as ceilings so you can set spacing as you desire.

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