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Take me Home (New ship speed buff Atlas 2.0 Mega update)

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Dear fellow Pathfinders,


A new BUFF for ships! Please!

"Take me Home": After moving/Sailing for X minutes (10-15minutes maybe), Out of combat (30min without taking damage from enemy/PVP boat), with no enemy players in render distance. You gain the "Take me home" BUFF.

This BUFF give you 20% extra Sailing speed.

This BUFF is lost if: Enemy player or pvp ship enters render distance / Collision with SOTD or ship takes damage.

The wind mechanics are fun and a good dimension to Ship pvp encounters. But lets admit it, when you have to sails hours and hours (i mean its literaly 1h here, 3 hours there when its not 6 hours...)

That slow wind or bad wind we are experiencing everyday adds no fun at all to the game (when traveling long disctances), but for PVP encounters its good.

This buff could also be stackble: 1st stack after 15min (+20% speed), 2nd stack 30min later (+35%) , 3rd stack (+50%) 45min later if all conditions are maintained for that long (moving/out of combat/ no enemy players in render) for really long travels. +50%  maximum at 3 stacks.

The numbers are only suggestions and need to be tested, but you get the idea 😉

If you like this suggestion or have any idea to improve it please post/ Upvote.

See you guys on the Atlas!

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Tbh is a good idea, upon all speed sail BP wich now dosent even work.....this can be a solution even after devs may patch the speed sails

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