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Have a "Bulk Merchant NPC".

  1. NPC would only purchase or sell goods in "full stacks"
  2. NPC would maintain a set inventory of materials that is shared by whole free-port zone.
  3. NPC would maintain a market price of goods based on volume of trade.
  4. Goods prices would be adjusted accordingly; Sales would be +20%, Purchases would be -20% of market price.
  5. When interacting with the Merchant the initial information will be a Transaction Quote.
  6. Transactions would be placed in a queue, to prevent abuse.
  7. When the transaction end of queue it gives actual prices and a 15 second timer to accept.

This could be started with a very simple implementation, by only allowing the generic versions of each item;

  • Fiber
  • Thatch
  • Wood
  • Sap
  • Metal
  • Alloy
  • Flint
  • Coal
  • Stone
  • Crystal
  • Gem
  • Salt
  • Hide
  • Keratinoid
  • Oil

Please consider this.  It would really add a huge boost to the game with honestly MINIMAL EFFORT.

It would:

  • ...It would give a baseline for ALL in-game trading.
  • ...It would allow any player who wanted to be any kind of merchant a starting point.
  • ...allow captains a place to stock up on materials in a safer place.
  • ...drive the sailing and adventure of the game without hours of grinding.
  • ...allow for a somewhat smooth movement of money from gold-makers to material-producers
  • ...encourage people to interact more, not flee from each other in the water.
  • ...bridge the gap between large companies and small.
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