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**Avast ye!: I know some of these features have been hinted at in trailers and screenshots and that not everything (or anything) I am mentioning is original. Also it is entirely possible that some of these features may already be in the game but I have not discovered them. I would still love to share with you my vision for this set of features. My goal is to inspire the developers and to generally create conversation and hype!**

In the beginning... 

The pirates had Nassau. A city of opportunity, trade, lust, boozing and lust. A region where people came together under a common understanding (relax or be annihilated by tower cannons). For many, Nassau was a symbol of freedom. Scores of so-called-pirates fought and died defending the ideal of having no government. Of course, we all know how that ended. However, here in Atlas, we have the amazing ability to live in a snapshot of time. The golden age of piracy. 

What would that be without a singular place where companies from all over the map could sail to? They would come from every corner to show their might. To set up shops and trade. To recruit. To duel. To create bounties. To get totally smashed, party and tell tall tales of ghost ships and sea monsters in one of the many taverns. 

As it was in history, when someone got sick of government rule and booked passage to a life of unlimited opportunity and uncertainty, new players in Atlas will strive to reach here in search of a company that may bring them untold riches. 

How it could happen...

Revamping a freeport square near the center of the map to create an island three times larger than any currently in existence would allot the land space necessary. 

Making the sea floor shallow enough to anchor but deep enough to be navigable would create the sea space necessary. What a beautiful sight those ships would be should the sea bed gradually rise into the beach. 

Inland you could find... 

-Local guard
These NPCs help keep the peace. They man the cannon towers overlooking the beaches. You can also find them guarding and patrolling around taverns. But they do not go outside of the town. Beware when venturing from one side of the island to the other. 

Music and laughter can be heard from down the street. Allows players a meeting spot for company recruitment. Here you can purchase an inland re-spawn with a limited duration, view recruitment boards and debaucherize to your hearts content. 

-Designated player shop location
Have you ever been to a trades day? This large section of the island is dedicated to player shops. Not only can you make purchases here but you can also sell your goods to fill player set quotas. Down payment and upkeep on stalls required, limited space available per company.

-NPC shops
Lining the streets of the city are pricey NPC shops where you can buy various goods.

-Bounty Boards / Bounty NPC
Found in or near Taverns, these boards or NPCs have a full list of the bounties offered by companies on other companies. Multiple companies can add to a bounty. Once collected, bounties cannot be placed on the same company for X amount of time. The capital city is the only place in the game where a bounty can be placed. This means that bounties on the four corners of the map should be much more profitable than the ones nearest the capital. 

-Player Duels
Accepted like a trade, you can fight to the death in the streets without fear of the guard or losing your items. Bonus: adds some great atmosphere! What is a pirate town without gun smoke to fill the salty sea air?


Thanks for making it this farrr! I look forward to reading your comments and hearing your ideas on how this can be further improved. 

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The way this game gets empty all i would expect from now on is reskinned ark crap, forget about piracy and sandbox MMO stuff. All we are gonna get is more tamagotchis to breed and minecraft style things to build bases so people can raid them and steal what's inside.

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