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Praxedes Lockett

Dedicated 1x1 won't allow any clients to connect, PrimalGameData_BP

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I am at a loss,,

After the mega update we didn't wipe our server and were still able to connect just fine, there were some weird issues like an island "sunk" so we decided to wipe the server and do a new map with new islands.  Loading up the new map we were all able to see the game server on both the Steam server list and the Atlas game lists, connecting asked for passwords but EVERY CLIENT HANGS at the PrimalGameData_BP.  There is five of us unable to connect (one never connected to first server at all).  We are all able to connect to other servers just fine.  I have left it running all night to see if it was just a slow connection with no results.  We have no mods, everything default.

Server is running on a dedicated W10 box on my home LAN with a static IP with port forwarding set up already to it. I have the firewall disabled as well.   I didn't make any changes to this setup since we could see the server just fine.

Steps I have taken:

  • Deleted the save game from the Shootergame Save folder
  • Moved the ServerGrid.json, ServerGridServerOnly.json and ServerGrid file to a safe place I keep old server saves
  • Did a Flush all on the redis database to wipe characters/etc
  • Downloaded and installed new Server Grid Editor to get the new islands and the Trench.
  • Generated a new map with said Editor using same ports and server both game ini files left to default
  • Server started up fine with no errors.  Nobody able to connect.
  • Verified integrity of the game files, checked for updates, verified seamlessIP was correct, double check launch settings.  All was right, still unable to connect.
  • Noticed Hard Drive was at 100% almost all the time (possibly faulty but didn't want to troubleshoot that as well so installed new hard drive)
  • So I stared COMPLETELY OVER.  From scratch, thinking something somewhere is broken and I still have no errors anywhere on a new hard drive.
  • Uninstalled SteamCMD, Atlas, Redis
  • Reinstalled SteamCMD, reinstalled Atlas dedicated server files, Redis (using this one: https://github.com/MicrosoftArchive/redis/releases/tag/win-3.2.100 ), server Grid Editor.
  • Used Default 1x1 grid map to eliminate map issues.
  • Once again everything is up and running, no errors, able to be seen externally, but all clients are still stuck at the PrimalGameData_BP.

I just don't know what to do anymore.  I have attached logs for the server and also a screeny of the redis database working good, obviously missing keys since no one has been able to connect to the server.  Any sort of help would be super appreciated because at this point I am just frustrated and stuck.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to look at this.  Big hugs from Prax...


Shootergame log.jpg

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Are you using the same ports as before and did you change the redis password everywhere? (including the clearall.bat)
Local files for players shouldn't matter since you should have a different ID with the rebuild but maybe delete those as well?

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