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Tool repair kit

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Well I made a post in suggestion, however I think nobody saw it and think it will be better to post it here!

What if, we will have an option to craft "tool repair kit" which will have, for example, 5 uses? The main reason of it is to fix your tools, weapons, armor etc. away from home.

At the minute we are taking few axes and pickaxes to gather more resources which is not very comfortable...I would rather spend same amount resources as fixing those tools 5 times on 1 craft, craft for 3 kits and go with 1 axe and 1 pickaxe. After 5 uses each kit could disappear, like I never had it. In this case we won't need to take 1 million of each tool and won't care, if he have needed amount of them as we can take only 1 of each and fix them depending on situation.

What do you think guys?

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