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Which games in Playatlas for girls to play?

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Hello everyone, 

Thanks for taking up your time to read my post. I am new here. These days, I am very curious about the games. But I am not sure which games in Playatlas are suitable for girls. So I searched it on net, however I still don't get answers. So I come here today to seek answers in Playatlas forum. 

So, the Mrs has never expressed any interest in video gaming and has never talked about ever having played a video game when she was younger. On her iPhone the only game I've ever seen her play more than a couple of times is Fishing Mania Battle - she did kill fish by times of cannon, then she got coins, few days later, she gave up.

I used to play games a bit before going to uni, mainly C&C type strategy games, but a bit of console type shooters/ beat'em ups etc. Was never massive into it and no real desire to get back into it.

Totally out the blue the other day she says it'd be fun to get a games console as there are now a "lot more games for girls". I pointed out that technically games are gender neutral but she somewhat disagrees (similarly with her return to Lego she's gone for the "Friends" series because its more girly than the Creator or such). Now I know she wont want GTA or COD but not being into these things at all I'm a little at a loss.

I am guessing a game in Playatlas is the best option? Any suggestions of titles for a girly non-gamer who wants to get into gaming?

Can anyone help me? 

Thanks in advance.

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Atlas and sandbox games in general can be great to get into gaming, because there is so much to do, however there is ALOT to take in. Especially for someone who is relatively new to gaming. I wouldnt suggest and early access game really, because of the frustrations generally associated with them.
Atlas would be a good game to play together though. Sailing with a second, or handful of people is very nice. And those small frustrations that might make you stop playing are more tolerable, sometimes even funny, if you're both learning the game. Animals, ships, treasure maps... theres quite a bit to do, even if some of the systems are overall blegh.
I would look for something relatively easy to get into, or atleast has a really good tutorial.

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