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pvp Atlas Springs

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Atlas Springs is currently 5x5 running a mix of pve and pvp maps.
Looking for people to help design/balance a pvp setting that focuses on supply-lines and rare resource control. 

Currently running PVP in each (9) powerstone map and PVE in the rest.

Hardware is owned and in-house. Just installed another TB of SSD. 24 cores available with 256gb RAM. 

Offline raiding is never ok.

Pro-wipe. Will come with major updates that necessitate.

Current biome map is similar to official with rates scaling from 2x-6x (freeport-polar) and difficulty of ships/treasure scaling from .4-1.0

Need player feedback to create an appropriate scale to support small/solo/new as well as late game/more challenge. 

discord.gg/8kNSsc7 - Springs Freeport : C3


Future plans:

As soon as I/someone figures out how to manipulate resource nodes I will be recreating the map with PVP zones controlling a resource that cannot be found in PVE. 

Construction mods to expand building/ship design options. 

Sub mod that creates chest for blueprint at index9 instead of magic-into-brain after kraken kill or via admin command. Might have to create this one..

Depending on resource utilization, may expand size of map.

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