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pve AlphaGaming PVE 3x3 Server/Mods/Plugins/and more

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Welcome to AlphaGaming PVE

We currently have a 3 × 3 cluster map, which can be adjusted as the number of players increases. All biomes are naturally present.

The server is powered by a powerful root server that has been prepaid for the whole year in advance for maximum gameplay.

Of course, you are welcome to join us on our discord to stay up to date. https://discord.gg/2r3pns7

Freeport Islands:

A1 Freeport:
C1 Freeport:


First and foremost, stay friendly and polite.
All other specific rules can be found on our Discord,
or on our homepage: https://alphagaming.biz/

All powerstones
Ghostship / Kraken
fountain of Youth

Cross Chat

mods see the link:


Mod wishes could be expressed with pleasure, we look what we can do for you.

Teamspeak 3:


Live Server Map:

Facebook Group Alpha: https: //www.facebook.com/groups/621663814946597/

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