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Chuck Norris

pvp Magrathea opens its Shop on EU-PVP

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We offer Blueprints, Animals, Seeds, Vegies, Rum & Grog,

Latest offer. 

Legendary Large Shipyard 40 crafts  2000 G

Legendary small Shipyard 36 crafts 2000 G

Masterwork Large Shipyard 60 crafts 1000 G

Masterwork small Shipyard 52 crafts 1000G

Legendary Large Wood Wall 20 crafts 1000 G

And many more by request.... 

Its also possible to rent just a single craft of a blueprint. Clever traders bring their materials for the craft with them. 


Miles & More

We give you Magrathea Miles & More on the Goods and Services you buy. Per 100 Gold you earn 2 Miles as a new Tradepartner. 

Silvermember after 5 Trades(or 5000G)  earn +2 more Miles.

Goldmembers after 15 Trades(or 15000G) +4 more Miles. 

Platinummembers after 30 Trades(or 30000G) +10 more Miles. 


Miles can be used to lower the Price of the Goods as well es getting Services like free overnight Stays in the Waikiki Beach Resort next to our Guest Harbour (4MMM per night).  

Get a new haircut and shave at our Barny´s Barbarshop. The Ladys will love you after. (2MMM)   

You got trouble to get Powerstones depending on the Location we offer assistance. (20MMM)

You are looking for powerfull allies in War and Peace. Our Diplomant can offer assistance.  (30MMM)


Contact our Salesmanger Chuck Norris by his Discord  Chuck Norris#0132 or PM him here directly. 




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