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Does anyone else feel that the changes to ship levels feels kinda bad? Pre  wipe we had standard shipyards producing ships with 52 levels and now it seems that we can only get level 50 with a mythic shipyard. The cost to produce a high level shipyard does not seem to justify the outcome since adding 10 levels does not greatly change as much as most people would have hoped. The growth rate of ship stats is small enough that 10 levels does not impact your ship's performance to the degree that a mythical shipyard should.
Part of the reason why I think this feels bad is because ship starting stats, or one stat in particular, is kinda low. The starting stat for ship crew size seems off. For example, if you wanted to make a schooner with all of the standard positions filled, 10 gun ports total, 2 sails and the driver, you would need 13 crew slots. The starting crew size of a schooner is only 12 though so to produce a stock standard schooner you already have to commit two levels into crew and it's even worse for Brigantines who need 16 crew slots to minimally have all of the base stations manned and only have  starting crew size of 14. 
I understand the argument for not wanting too many levels on a ship since the ship with the highest growth stat just becomes an unstoppable moving fortress, but right now post wipe ships are overall weaker than they were pre wipe and the very small boost that putting up a high level shipyard rewards feels like a bad system of progression.


  • Buff ship starting crew size to be able to man all of the base starting positions of the ship. Other starting stats should remain the same.
  • Make the base level cap of the standard shipyard 50.
  • Each tier of shipyard quality should add between 2 and 5 extra levels depending on the individual quality of each BP. So a low quality fine ship yard could have the same boost as a high quality common shipyard. Mythic ship yards should add an additional 2-5 levels. So a common BP ship would have a level range of 52-55, fine would be 54-60, journeyman 56-65, Masterwork 58-70, legendary 60-75, and mythic 64-85.
  • It takes long enough to level ships that seeing a max level mythic ship would be incredibly rare since it would be dependent on the drop chance of high quality mythic shipyard and the length of time it would take to get all 85 levels on a ship. Most ships on the water would probably be mid quality journeyman and have a max level close to 60.
  • Reduce the growth stat % of bonus damage by half OR reduce the overall damage of cannons to land based structures OR increase the base damage of cannons anchored to land based structures relative to the quality of structure they are attached too.
  • Other growth stats should remain unchanged.

Right now we spend a lot of time farming high quality BPs and materials for a relatively small payout. The difference between Mythic ships and standard ships is small enough that I find it hard to justify spending the time and resources to make one.

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