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Show 'n Tell #7: Deadline 13th May

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Memestan 2.0: Building limit is a myth.

I'd like you to take on a tour through our city Memestan 2.0 (RIP Memestan 1.0 prewipe). We are a company of 5 people enjoying building bigger things which takes time and effort in farming. So let's begin:


let's zoom out on our galleon to see the entire city in one picture:


our port for brigs and galleons. Since we are living in the desert and jungles we decided to name our Ships after African civilizations (and Wakanda because why not):


Our stable which is the complex with the large gates:


and some elephants (names after adult film actresses):


A taming cage, the first building. We did not planned to build here in H7 but it escalated very quickly:


let's go to the main city where the people live and we manage our craftings:




Here our bastion. We call it the "Star-fortress" which has its name given by the walls which have a perfect star shape. Inspired by historic buildings from the time when canones where invited (see Antwerps Steen star forts):




and at last a gothic Dome which I am currently building as a acity extension. There is alot of holes in this building and we are currently trying to fill them with doors and see how it looks (but actually hoping for some glass addons in the future Kappa):




That's basically it. If you wanna visit us we live in H7 PvE EU official at surfil island west side.


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Adding this trailer that we've just made now, as the deadline has been moved forward a bit 🙂 This is a trailer for our Maelstrom event.

What is Maelstrom?

Maelstrom is a weekly event that takes place in Center Maw (C3). The allied fleet must work together and fight their way through 3 waves of spawned Ships of the Damned. Each wave is more difficult than the last and the overall wave difficulty scales depending on the number and type of ships players bring. The event is open to all players of any level, but you must at least bring a Sloop equipped with cannons.



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