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Hibernation option for growing animals

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This might be a controversial statement but more than 90% of players are not YouTubers/Twitch streamers but normal people with lives, who can not stay on computer 24/7.

A growing animal has to be constantly fed, his temperature regulated and taken care of every 8 hours (optional). most of us, need to sleep and work. Because of how breeding works right now, it's impossible for us to take part in this feature.

My suggestion is this.

Implement a hibernation option for growing animals. In hibernate state animal would not require any food. Temperature would not have any negative effects on it. All timers would be frozen. Animal would not grow, imprinting care timer would not move. Animal would still be allowed to be harmed and killed with violence.

There would be no special condition to turn hibernation on or off.

Seriously people, we have lives. it takes 60 hours to breed a tiger/elephant. Do you really think people will take break from work and not sleep for 3 days to do this?

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I do agree that breeding is off.  The way they make some of these mechanics, it removes the option to participate for most people.  To get this fixed, you have to go to unofficial servers, and some people do, but many people will not, for a whole host of reasons, such as not trusting the Admins not to cheat...hard to trust them when they don't use the tools available that allow the community to see admin commands as they are used.  Others simply fear that their time invested will be for nothing, when the server doesn't get paid for.  Others don't have the money to help pay for a server.  And still others don't like all of the changes, or mods that some unofficials often have.

I understand that the Devs feel the need to make things difficult, or they will be boring...which is a false assumption...the game can get boring also, if too difficult, because players simply avoid what they cannot achieve, like breeding.  A happy medium has to be found, or the game will be a niche game with a small community.

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Defo needs fixing just got my first lion cub to juvenile lvl 35 too so filled the feeding trough with meat, all good now i thought since the weather effect fix, after  6 and half hours sleep log in to a starved to death message 😞  maybe a longer spoil timer on raw meat in a trough would help or hibernation if no company member online ?  Know i won't be breeding again until this part of the game fixed please fix it


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