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Legendary shipyard - how many lvls for ships?

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Does anyone know how many more levels a ship will get that has been built in a legendary shipyard?




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Depends on the durability of the legendary shipyard and it's individual quality level, which is an rng generated number on creation, so a decent leg or mythical might give you 170% or it might give you 129%.. some are 210% and so on.  I've seen posts of people claiming a 210% gives roughly 52 levels.  Which isn't really worth it, +10 levels isn't really much of a difference, given the sheer boredom of collection of all the parts.  You might as well build using a common large, then rebuild your ship using leg/myth/mw planks and decks, ceilings, walls and cannons etc.  The higher planks etc are worth having.. at least, until gs nerf those to the point of utter uselessness as well, because someone in a pvp game managed to kill someone else and it was too hard for the looser to accept.

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