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Special skills/Quest rewards

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I am looking for a list of the buffs given as rewards for the completition of the various "quests".

If someone know where to find one it would be appreciated in the meantime let's build one.

  • Voyage of Power (kill the kraken) : Submarine recipe
  • The Fountain of Youth *:  Lvl 1 +10% Melee damage, Health, stamina, Weight, Health regeneration, and stamina regeneration
  • Treasure Master *: +100% Tools durability
  • Ghost Hunter : +20% gold on treasure maps
  • Scourge of The Damned *: +100% armor durability
  • Friend of The Mermaid *: +35% stamina regeneration
  • Blue Whale Killer *: +100% prone speed +50% crouch speed
  • Sperm Whale Killer *: +30% taming affinity
  • Squid Killer : idk
  • Veteran Explorer : +250% overweight speed
  • Journey of The Gods : idk

The ones i am sure of are listed with an *.

I will edit this list according to my progress and your comments.

Best regards.


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Rewards confirmed
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Posted (edited)

not 100% sure but if i remember correctly from PTR the Ghost Hunter gave 20% more gold from Treasure

and Scourge of The Damned should be 100% more armor Durability

no idea how often i already edited that post.... but Suid Killer was something about the Vitamin Buff not 100% sure what it exactly did but something about the range increases where the Vitamins gotta be to be activ and i think while the Vitamin EQ is aktiv u loose slower Vitamin

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Posted (edited)

Squid killer gives 80% faster equilibrium.

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