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bugs Animals starving on stasis again...

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Posted (edited)

Hello everybody!

One of most exiting things for me in atlas is breeding animals to make really OP monsters.

But today I lost 3 babybears..... again....

They were 14-15% of mature (should be able to eat from feeding trough) and with full inventory of grown vegetables. Then I filled multiple feeding trough with berries and after that i went to sleep for at least 3 hours.

When I woke up feeding trough were almost (but not completely) emty. Thats strange coz 10 bears cant eat 6 feeding trough full of berries in 3 hrs.

I left babybears just next to feeding trough that found half-filled in the morning..... so I lost like 8-10 hours of realtime..... again.....

Looks like Patch v18.9 was cancelled....

 Fixed an issue with babies not eating from inventory/troughs when in stasis.

Strange that I cant find message about babybear death in company log..... they disappeared?

Devs. Please. Fix. This. Again...

Best regards, Despy.

P.S. found message. Starved to death....

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