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Character deleted?

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Before the patch I was getting timed out I got stuck at J9 EU PVP server port, my character Asherris Aeris lvl 22. After some clicking the rejoin button I got a list to chose to spawn at different port at this was a list of ports on the server like in the menu not like in the game and I clicked M11 and I joined the game and I instantly died to some eels that were stuck at the spawn water area about like 3 times, than i tryed reloging and rejoining again, now I tryed to select again from the list but now its only giving me an option to cr8 a new character.

Is now my character gone? Why dont we have an character interface to show our char and lvl and server like in anyother mmo where u can chose between character like we only have that rejoin button and to relay on it, how can I get my character back?

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