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[AMUN] Anubis

New Powerstone Quest

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Hey everybody, i have questions concerning the new map 15x15 

Can someone explain/tell me more about those parts where you can find the highlighted sections?

New 15x15 Map for official servers


Cluster/      Islandname

2,5            Mnt_X_WR_PVE   PowerStoneIndex   0    Blue
6,2            Mnt_R_CH_PVE   PowerStoneIndex   1    Yellow 
5,7            Cay_C_EE_PVE   PowerStoneIndex   2    Green
7,5            Mnt_R_CL_PVE   PowerStoneIndex   3    Orange
11,2           Mnt_Y_EU_PVE   PowerStoneIndex   4    ????????????
3,11           Mnt_S_WT_PVE   PowerStoneIndex   5    Tourquoise
7,10           Mnt_R_CH_PVE   PowerStoneIndex   6    ????????????
14,6           Mnt_U_ER_PVE   PowerStoneIndex   7    White
12,11          Mnt_G_ET_PVE   PowerStoneIndex   8    Red

Total: 9x PowerStoneIndex 



Cluster/   ManualName  Name                                         ExplorerNoteIndex
14,13      PowerStone1 "The Purple Stone of Power"           21        No PVE Isle
2,5        PowerStone2 "The Blue Stone of Power"                 22        Mnt_X_WR_PVE
3,11       PowerStone3 "The Turquoise Stone of Power"      23        Mnt_S_WT_PVE
5,7        PowerStone4 "The Green Stone of Power"              24        Cay_C_EE_PVE
6,2        PowerStone5 "The Yellow Stone of Power"             25        Mnt_R_CH_PVE
7,5        PowerStone6 "The Orange Stone of Power"            26        Mnt_R_CL_PVE
12,11      PowerStone7 "The Red Stone of Power"               27        Mnt_G_ET_PVE
14,6       PowerStone8 "The White Stone of Power"             28        Mnt_U_ER_PVE
7,7        PowerStone9 "The Cyan Stone of Power"               29        Ghost Ship  located at 5,13
7,7        TheSeaDemon "The Demon of the Deep"               20

What´s about that???
7,10        Mnt_R_CH_PVE   PowerStoneIndex   6   ????????
1,2         Mnt_Y_EU_PVE   PowerStoneIndex   4   ????????????


Thx for explanation ;o)

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A1.5 15x15

[PowerStoneIndex]    [Island_PVE]        [DiscoZone]        [DiscoZoneName]                        [Biom]                    [Island_Disco_Name]        [Location]    [Rotation]

PowerStoneIndex 4    Mnt_Y_EU_PVE        PowerStone1        The Purple Stone of Power            Western(Tundra)            Brightbury Cay            11,2        0.0
                                        SecondaryStone5    The Yellow Essence of Power

PowerStoneIndex 0    Mnt_X_WR_PVE        PowerStone2        The Blue Stone of Power                Tropical                Flemfield Haven            2,5            -51.1701775
                                        SecondaryStone1    The Purple Essence of Power

PowerStoneIndex 5    Mnt_S_WT_PVE        PowerStone3        The Turquoise Stone of Power        Temperate                Bigsevain Atoll            3,11        208.294128
                                        SecondaryStone6    The Orange Essence of Power

PowerStoneIndex 2    Cay_C_EE_PVE        PowerStone4        The Green Stone of Power            Tropical                Chesterlams Island        5,7            21.1621132
                                        SecondaryStone3    The Turquoise Essence of Power

PowerStoneIndex 1    Mnt_R_CH_PVE        PowerStone5        The Yellow Stone of Power            HighDesert                Eswood Atoll            6,2            0.0
                                        SecondaryStone2    The Blue Essence of Power

PowerStoneIndex 3    Mnt_R_CL_PVE        PowerStone6        The Orange Stone of Power            LowDesert                Castois Island            7,5            0.0
                                        SecondaryStone4    The Green Essence of Power

PowerStoneIndex 8    Mnt_G_ET_PVE        PowerStone7        The Red Stone of Power                Eastern(Temperate)        Sudlin Island            12,11        0.0
                                        SecondaryStone9    The Cyan Essence of Power

PowerStoneIndex 7    Mnt_U_ER_PVE        PowerStone8        The White Stone of Power            Tropical                Vonwin Island            14,6        0.0
                                        SecondaryStone8    The White Essence of Power

PowerStoneIndex 6    Mnt_R_CH_PVE        PowerStone9        The Cyan Stone of Power                HighDesert                Innissomin Isle            7,10        -35.46463   



Download the new GRIDEditor ^^ and use the new GRIDEditor for investigation...

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PowerStone1                 The Purple Stone of Power          1131         location:  14,13                  0 0 0 0  40         21

this ist the latest version of GridServerEditor


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Those entries coming from the Editor's official map are not working right. I'm sure Grapeshot messed it up and never fixed it. Some still show discovery locations for the old map and they are not there anymore.

Now I've tested my way and its working 100%

Look at the PowerStone and SecondaryStones. They are grouped together under the same PowerStoneIndex. The same way the old map worked.

PowerStoneIndex 0

The trenches doesn't have to be on the same block as the powerstone island. It is important to keep them grouped.
If you use an island then start with PowerStoneIndex 0 and the discovery PowerStone1
For a trench use PowerStoneIndex 0 and the discovery SecondaryStone1
etc etc

You can name the island what ever you want. Also you can use any powerstone island with any PowerStoneIndex as long as you don't use the PowerStoneIndex or same discovery zone twice.

Well this worked for me and I hope it will help someone else.


PowerStoneIndex 0
PowerStone1        The Purple Stone of Power
SecondaryStone1    The Purple Essence of Power

PowerStoneIndex 1
PowerStone2        The Blue Stone of Power
SecondaryStone2    The Blue Essence of Power

PowerStoneIndex 2
PowerStone3        The Turquoise Stone of Power
SecondaryStone3    The Turquoise Essence of Power

PowerStoneIndex 3
PowerStone4        The Green Stone of Power
SecondaryStone4    The Green Essence of Power

PowerStoneIndex 4
PowerStone5        The Yellow Stone of Power
SecondaryStone5    The Yellow Essence of Power

PowerStoneIndex 5
PowerStone6        The Orange Stone of Power
SecondaryStone6    The Orange Essence of Power

PowerStoneIndex 6
PowerStone7        The Red Stone of Power
SecondaryStone7    The Red Essence of Power

PowerStoneIndex 7
PowerStone8        The White Stone of Power
SecondaryStone8    The White Essence of Power

PowerStoneIndex 8
PowerStone9        The Cyan Stone of Power
SecondaryStone9    The Cyan Essence of Power

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I do not really understand it, how do I have to enter it at Mnt_R_CH_PVE, there are now 2 entries needed.


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