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- Point system does not work

+ 10 day everywhere

- Island points assignment

- Possiblity of demolish things build before claimed

- In no way it reduces spam

+ Lawless much improved, Claim not really needed.

WHY EVEN BOTHER implementing the claim system?  Because we ask for it and they hear us?



POINT System does not work:

Lets start with island points distribution and points a company has:

Company gets ~ ROundup(26.6 +N*2,45) Points with N= members.

Some breakpoints

Member / points



39/123 --> inaccurate

50/150 --> inaccurate

Now look at the map how many of the island are claimable for companys <=10 member.

How many of them are claimed by Companys with more then 11 Member that could have claimed a bigger island.

HOW many Island >50 Points are claimed at all at the moment?


ISLAND Point assignment:

I dont even know, the assignment just on size is lazy/lame af.

IT makes  claiming multipe small island with great location / ressources more valueable than claiming one big island.

Big island with bad location/resources (~>50% of them?) are Noobtraps only. I MEAN >53 points for an island without pure metal and/or suggar source on the island?????

SEE grids in thundra with all island >=53 points, what for??


DEMOLISH things that where build before the island got claimed.

Resulting of the above, the bigger islands are kinda lawless now. You can assume they will never be claimed.

But can u use them therefore as an lawless island?

Kinda. BUT keep in mind that people can claim that island and demolish your stuff.

WHY the claim owner has a demoshing timer but the normal Guys not??? WHY we dont know when a building is save?

I am wondering if dedicated griefer  pirate company, only temporary caliming islands will apear. After claiming the island just look for free stuff after demolishing, also demolishing shipyards seems funny. Afterwards go off to the next island.


10 Days everywhere:

OK, this is a huge improvement to the old 4 days, not 21 days but way better.

So now you dont even benefit in any way from having a claim (also 10 Days) other then collecting taxes!


My take on PTR to LIVE:

So on PTR we had 10 Seconds onclaim, 10 minutes claim. I did not get the message that the claim time would be increased to 1 hour. I guess they even avoid giving numbers anyway.

PTR was kina useless, they fixed some bugs, but never balanced (tested) the claim things for PVE. THEY did not have a fully working build for their lates claim fixes (inventory dc bug).

Important bugs regarding claiming stayed in the game.


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