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pve Bounty's Bastards (3x6)

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Bounty's Bastards

is a DCA Gamers Server, this is modded, and a fresh custom map

resource map here https://exploreatlas.co.uk/bountys-bastards

- Auto Update

- Additional Skill Points


- Los Angeles based servers

- Players and Admins from different timezones (North America, South Pacific, EU)

Quests  all Quests available

Mods    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1660304273

- Cross Server Chat (linked to Discord)

Rates Resouce: 40 x Tame: 10x XP: 10 x Mating: 0.5x Egg Hatch: 30x Baby Mature: 5 x Treasure Gold: 5x


C1 - steam://connect/

Discord https://discord.gg/6JqYBKq

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Been playing on this server and hanging in their Discord for about a week now. Really enjoy the calm laid back atmosphere. If you want true PVE gameplay and laid back Discord group then come check Bounty Bastards out. So far they are one of the only servers I know of that are using the Sub mod so that everyone gets to use the new sub without having to do the very difficult kill the kraken. So if you are a solo guy like me this is the server for you if you would like to see what the new sub is like. They are also using the old flag system so it seems though flag only took the timer away the timer was never actually moving.

Small seems like a great person. No uptight rules here just PVE gameplay the way most of us want it. So if you are tired of things like struggling to know which grids are PVP danger zones or uptight admins/players that cry if a comment is in the wrong channel then join us. Small and her team of admin do their best to hear everyone and craft a server we can all enjoy.


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Rates are now 5x5x15


Come and have some fun, our community is growing

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