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pve Supreme Atlas 6x6 PvEvP | 5x Pve 10x PvP | SPUK/Stacks | Shop/Kits | Long Term & Dedicated

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Supreme Gaming is a family of stable and long-standing Ark, Conan and now Atlas servers. Our goal is to provide a one-stop destination for players tired of searching for the right unofficial server. As players know, the unofficial scene is plagued by quick rise and death servers that disappear without a trace, admins that exhibit blatant corruption, pay-to-win donation incentives, frequent wipes and lack of player communities. Supreme Gaming seeks to get rid of all that and offer an accelerated and unique experience through boosted rates and QoL (quality of life) mods. We work hard to make sure that rules are enforced where absolutely necessary.

Our servers are built for the community. If you've ever wanted to know that your voice is heard in mods and settings suggestions, this is the place for you! We have a NO WIPE policy unless it's absolutely crucial for catastrophic failures, so your progress will continue for as long as possible.

Don't take our word for it, join our Discord server, ask around, and see for yourself. We have over 1200 members!


  • Dedicated Machine
  • 20 processor cores
  • 256GB RAM
  • NVMe SSD

Unlike many other servers, we control all of our hardware and are not at the mercy of under-resourced shared hosting services. This allows for the optimal Atlas Experience providing a lag free running server.


We've had three successful events so far including a sunken ship treasure hunt where admins sunk a dozen or more ships across grids with a ton of loot and quality BPs and materials, a Sloop Death Race that ended up even more fun with a storm and a Schooner Showdown where companies were able to bring their best designed Schooners to have an all out sea battle! We try to have fun and engaging events that players can take part in. Have an idea? We'd love to hear it! Wanna host one with admin supported prizes? We will provide whatever is necessary to make your event a success.


  • 5x All Rates for PvE (10x Breeding)
  • 10x All Rates for PvP with double flotsam quality (20x Breeding)
  • Increased skill points per level gained in order to learn more of what the game has to offer (great for smaller groups/solo players)



These are our home servers (spawn zones)

You can search for us in the unofficial listing under "Supreme Atlas" or add the following IPs to your favourites list:

  • B2 (West Tundra)              |   s0.supremegaming.gg:57543
  • B4 (West Tropics)             |   s0.supremegaming.gg:57547
  • B6 (High Desert)               |   s0.supremegaming.gg:57551
  • C5 (Equatorial)                  |   s0.supremegaming.gg:57561
  • E2 (East Tundra) (PVP)    |   s0.supremegaming.gg:57579
  • E4 (East Tropics)              |   s0.supremegaming.gg:57583
  • F3 (East Temperate)        |   s0.supremegaming.gg:57593

As Atlas evolves there will be several settings and configurations to fix, change and update. With this in mind please make sure you join our Discord server to you can be up-to-date with the most recent information and notified of server restarts and issues.

Happy sailing!

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