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Jack Shandy

Tax, Claim & Foundation spam Suggestion

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Posted this in the wrong forum, so putting it here now:


1. Make a structure limit on claimable land.

2. Claiming the land unlocks that limit.

3. Let the landowner add companies to a list unlocking structure limit.

4. List also includes negotiated tax rate for that company.


A structure limit of about 100 will allow for a small base, tame traps, or FOB’s, but will reduce foundation spam to a manageable limit.

Once claimed landowners can invite other companies to the unlocked limit, promoting communication. Also if owner is offline allows you to start building and leave a sign / note asking for invite.

If you now have a page for build limit invites you can add a field for a separate tax rate. You still get a island wide standard rate but for settlers you can have a more amicable rate.


5. Make the upkeep materials so that the taxes assist in the upkeep of the island.


Yes, you will be taxing treasure chests but that will mostly be visitors assisting your upkeep not the residents who pay taxes every day. I don’t mind a tax, but having your taxes assist in the upkeep of your home island feels a lot better than them just filling someone’s resource box.


As for setting upkeep to use materials, if you placed a fixed blueprint in the bank that made upkeep tokens (non-removable) and used the existing island variable to set the cost (you may need to do a bit of work tying the cost to resources available on each island, each island has a spawn table so use that). You can then make these to pay the upkeep. Going on holiday for a fortnight, make sure you have enough tokens in the bank to cover it, 2 / day is easy to work out.

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I would prefer to see island upkeep paid in the form of a "resource bundle".
We are paying to own an island, therefore we must be paying someone. This is a good place to add factions, you pay whichever is the dominant person in that area, they will take gold or resource bundles.
Resource bundles should be an item that requires large amounts of resources to make, some of each type but variable, so you can make one that is primarily wood, one that is mostly metal, fibre etc. Each should have a set value that can be sold at the free port vendor for the tokens (this is to encourage travel because movement makes pvp instead of hiding in a base), these token are taken back to the island and used to pay upkeep on the island.

If you have a ton of fibre but no metal in your island then you just make 5 mostly fibre bundles, if you have metal then you can make 1 mostly metal bundle that is worth the same amount as 5 fibre bundles (balance in game).

This means that everything to hold an island is available on the island and can be farmed on the island or you can just buy the tokens at the free port if you have heaps of gold.

Pirates need juicy targets and making people move cargo around is a good way of providing that real world PvP that they want in the game.

Taxes are then able to pay for upkeep rather than just building stuff.

Transport and escort becomes a thing which is good, there is more to lose than just a ship in an encounter with a sotd convoy because you might be on the way there or back with your weeks worth of tokens so losing them has real consequence where as now with a bear and an elephant I can farm a brig in a day so who cares if you lose it.

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