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wishes and suggestions. new mode in the game "boarding"

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Here are a few of my wishes / suggestions: 
1. Real pirates do not sink ships, they seize them and rob! Add a boarding mode for sea battles. 
The mode is activated when a boarding hook loaded into the swivel weapon engages the enemy 
ship in a close naval battle. I described the entire mode in detail in the “Boarding” section. 
2. To ban bots on swiveling guns on ships. Give players the opportunity to land on enemy ships. 
3. Balance melee weapons. Blackjack is much more effective than saber and lance. Purple 
stunning damage is more effective for players than slow saber strikes and spikes. Stunning at 1 
minute is tantamount to killing and even more dangerous. Swords and pikes are useless. Increase 
the damage and attack speed of the saber and spikes, otherwise they will not be used, because the 
baton worth 20 wood is more effective. 
4. Ship guns and gunports no one uses, because big guns are more effective. Enter the limit on 
the number of large cannons on the ship, so that players use ship cannons and gunports. 
5. Players cover the ships with roofs to protect the cores from the cores; they turn out to be ugly 
monsters, not ships. Limit the ability to close the slats roofs, build only up and inside the ship. 
6. There is very little variety of ships, there were a lot more sailing ships in history, please add 
new ships. And add more varied fittings, not only the bow of the ship, but also the new 
appearance of the sails, different steering wheels, beautiful railings, patterns, statues, lanterns, 
balconies, so that players can create unique ships that do not look alike. Reduce the weight of 
wooden structures on the ship, so that players make not minimalistic ships due to problems with 
overload, but can create their own unique ships with cabins, rooms, balconies, etc. 
7. Turn off automatic bots shots on ships, let bots shoot at the player’s command 
just to make the fights more alive and unpredictable. Bots auto shots in anchor mode only. 
8. Fix non-killing bots in the tow. This is a problem, the immortals should not be. Imbalance in 
favor of the defenders. 
9. Reduce the resistance to damage from the armor, or increase the damage of the firearm on the 
armor, killing a player with 6-10 shots from a long-reloading weapon is not normal. The same 
thing, increase the damage on animals and bots, killing them from 10-20 shots is awful and 
10. Allow bots to use firearms (carbine, musket, pistol) to liven up battles and use NPS in 
combat as a combat unit, and not only as an application for the functioning of a tow or pivot 
weapon. You can give them slow aiming so that they do not hit the running targets and long 
reloading so that the bots are not a strong problem for the players. But when a bot is not a useless 
servant for stationary guns, but a combat unit from which a detachment can be created and used 
when attacking an enemy it will be fabulous fights. 
11. Add a debuff after death, for example - 30% to everything within 10 minutes. That people 
were afraid to die, engaged in food and the balance of vitamins. Now if there is a bed near, then 
no one is watching the food and vitamins, because to die and be reborn next to it is nothing. 
People deliberately kill themselves to restore the balance of vitamins or fill the stomach. 

Boarding mode 
1. You can load boarding hooks into the swiveling weapon on ships. 
2. When approaching ships at close range, you can shoot hooks and cling to the enemy ship. 
With a successful hit, the boarding mode begins, at which the ships approach, align and stop. 
3. Each hook hooked to the enemy ship has a margin of safety and can be destroyed with a melee 
weapon. If all hooks are destroyed, the boarding mode is terminated. 
4. Under the boarding mode, you cannot open the sails, you cannot shoot from guns and swivel 
weapons, you cannot flood your ship and demolish the planks, the resource box and the box for 
projectiles are blocked for use. 
5. To capture an enemy ship, you need to set a flag on it in boarding mode and protect it for 15 
minutes. The defending team can reset the boarding and seizure of the ship by destroying all the 
hooks holding their ship or running to the enemy flag on their ship and pressing E to destroy the 
flag holding the command for 30 seconds. Any damage to the player resets the process of 
destroying the flag and must be re-clamped for 30 seconds. 
6. If the attacking team manages to defend their flag on the enemy ship for 15 minutes and save 
at least 1 hook, then the enemy ship goes along with its resource box and shells as a reward. 


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