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pve DCA Bounty's Bastards 4x4 pve/pvp mods boosted

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DCA Gamers are hosting a 4x4 PVE/PVP server

There are empty grids/map to allow for new biomes post patch

PVP will be set in areas once the patch has dropped.

PVE currently to allow for building, and shipwrights.


Looking for some fun, come and play.  Server is up and running with a custom 4x4 map.  All powerstones and bosses are available.

Server is here for a long time, with no forseeable wipes unless mandated by wildcard.

we are boosted, 10x, modded and plugins will be added for kits etc.

come and join our Discord

A1 - Tropical - steam://connect/

C2- Temperate - steam://connect/

D1 - Equatorial - steam://connect/

C3 - Desert - steam://connect/

Our servers are community driven, our members are from all over the world, with the server hosted from LA.  Admins are players, and are open to suggestions.






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