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The names of plants and mineral resources are mostly mixed up.
As if names are pulled randomly from a database for any given resource node regardless of visuals.

A grey metal node that visually looks like a genuine piece of granite is named "Stone (Pure Copper)" and yields Cobalt(metal).
Expected behavior would be: 
Node looks like granite, displayed name is "Stone (Granite)", yields granite(stone)

Another metal node looks like an piece of iron ore (grey with red streaks) but only yields stone, flint and cobalt.
expected: node that already looks like iron ore, is respectively named "Metal(Iron Ore or Pure Iron)", yields Iron(metal)

Another stone node is bright white and looks like calcite but is labeled as "pure radiolarite" yields only that but no calcite.

Same with wood types: 
Trees that very much look like oaks and acorns yield softwood or lightwood, while a palm sapling returns strongwood.

resource bark looks like rushes.
an obvious cotton plant yields rushes while visually recognizable rushes or fronds yield cotton.
fronds yield hemp, bamboo yields jute and so on...

Very few truly obvious nodes are named right, like strawberries or coconuts. 

You got all the pieces available already (graphics, text, resource source code) you only have to put them together in the right order, connect the text strings with the right objects.

I know this is quite a minor issue since it doesn't break anything but immersion, 
BUT it would enrich the game somewhat if what you see is what you get.

PS: I tried to attach a screenshot but it wouldn't let me.

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I'm on an island in J11. Some more:

- Dandelion gives Parsley

- Strawberry gives Bilberry

It all makes no sense whatsoever..

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On 4/24/2019 at 2:56 PM, Bitroaster said:

On F5 not even a coconut is the real thing. Its a wild cactus instead.

Same in J11 🙂

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