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Deleting Redis EntityInfo Keys

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We had a server crash and on the map file (ocean.atlas) a single ship disappeared?!!! But on the live-map and also in the ingame map of the player, he still can see his ship (and even the bed). I figured out that this is because in the redis the entity is still there:

bukanier.org:0>HGETALL entityinfo:2920139020
 1)  "EntityID"
 2)  "2920139020"
 3)  "ParentEntityID"
 4)  "0"
 5)  "EntityType"
 6)  "Ship"
 7)  "ShipType"
 8)  "Brigantine"
 9)  "EntityName"
 10)  "Black Betty III"
 11)  "EntityClass"
 12)  "BrigantineShipBuildingTest_BP_C"
 13)  "TribeID"
 14)  "1518232720"
 15)  "ServerXRelativeLocation"
 16)  "0.115346"
 17)  "ServerYRelativeLocation"
 18)  "0.142410"
 19)  "ServerId"
 20)  "65538"
 21)  "NextAllowedUseTime"
 22)  "0"
 23)  "bInLandClaimedFlagRange"
 24)  "False"

 Can I delete this key e.g. DEL entityinfo:2920139020 or do I have to check for something else?

I guess maybe if some other entity has the ParentEntityID (e.g. a bed on those ship). But anything else?

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4 hours ago, upperking said:

Did deleting it work?

grapeshot is so vague on any of the redis things,,,,,,

Redis can be nasty by deleting values. You have to do it correctly. I recommend researching it first.

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1 hour ago, upperking said:

trouble is you can research all day long and not find anything on how to edit atlas redit files .....

Command line structure. https://redis.io/topics/introduction

Yes it is not easy to understand if you have never used it before. Now is the time, its a decent database but i prefer MYsql for reliability.


Search Redis GUI you will find easy links unless they supplied one with it. Its been a few years since i last used it. Arma 3 Epoch used it.

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