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Post server wipe ship and booster token

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If the wipe completely resets character, i must say id rather have a discovery and xp booster maybe 10x or 5x along with a schooner or brig that only decays if you dont log in daily. Another thought was reward the prewipe player with the new sub. This way you have testers readily available to find the bugs early for squashing.This was just a thought i had for prewipe players and it may get some back to the game who is lvl 40 and above so its not such a grind or with 100+ hours of gametime. Personally i would not come back because a hat and anything or everything free in the freeport shop wont cut it. Just a thought i had and maybe its a pipe dream but i think ideas help more than criticism for the wipe. I mean id be happy if the wipe doesnt happen but if it does, many players wont return without more recognition for their hard work that was put in from day one. We are testers who paid to test your game and not being rewarded for the hard work many have put in. I mean if im at a job and i do my best and i am more productive than most coworkers, i hope someone will recognize it and if not, thats when i know its time to leave. Before there were so many players, the servers couldnt be updated fast enough. Now the servers that were available in the beginning would support the pve community. Thats how many have left and im sure devs have noticed a drop in server load. I just dont think they are coming back with the reviews i read on steam.  I know the devs work hard because you kept updating through the holidays to keep the game going. I just hope those people were recognized, those who worked so hard developing and repairing the game to keep it going. If not i applaud you all and i have enjoyed the game you helped make possible. 

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