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Blackstorm Raiders is Recruiting NA-PVE Hydra's Den

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Blackstorm Raiders

My company Blackstorm Raiders is a very active company on NA-PVE, with 42+ members. We are looking to recruit and expand our group to set up for the server wipe. Perhaps your old group may be moving on, but we are sticking around and you are welcome to join us.


  • We will be claiming our main island and others based on need and upkeep costs.
  • Amazing builders! Live in a beautiful base, not a box. Winner of the screenshot contest (week #3) from grapeshot for the best castle. We have built a castle complete with a town. Message me for screenshots. Or view my public screen shots on steam.

  • An active discord company, we hang out in discord alot and someone is on almost all times of the day. 

  • This server we have quite a bit of land claimed, and had lots available to people. Next round we plan on taking what we need for a large company.

  • We take part in a large variety of activities throughout the week so you will always find someone doing whatever your interests are at some point whether it be building, or taming, getting power stones, hunting level 60 sotd, treasure hunting or farming mythos. 

  • Be apart of something bigger, we will build an empire for our company members to enjoy. 

If interested or have any questions please contact Miekka on discord at @Miekka#0545 or send me a message on steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198046332186


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