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Krakoff battle royale!

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Ok so here's the deal we're going to do the kraken in an all out no bouts match! We're attempting the largest fight against it before the wipe. Goal is to kill in under 10 minutes. Id like to see everyone there from both EU and NA servers both PVP and PVE. We want streamers, Captains, Repairmen, and Gunners. If you are from another server such as PVP or EU servers we can help grind out ships ect for you. So far we have 6 schooners, 2 Gallys, 2 Brigs and more to come. For more info and or help contact us here on discord https://discord.gg/VvJDa3 

Proposed time is Sun March 10th @ 3pm cst

Time is subject to change depending on others time frames. We'd like to get as many on as possible.

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