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Game crash when teleporting or using fast travel (bed) with Assertion failed

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When I fast travel from bed to bed (or use TP as admim) to another grid, that after a few transfer, I receive an system crash with the error message: Assertion failed: inPlayerControl -> isLocalPlayerController (see below).

Please note, that mostly the first and second transfer/tp works but after a while it always crashed. Im on my own dedicated root server and other players have the same issues. This happens only since march 2019.

Client crashstack:

Assertion failed: InPlayerC

Assertion failed: InPlayerController->IsLocalPlayerController() [File:H:\YARKUpdateLIVEReal_SHADERS\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Private\LocalPlayer.cpp] [Line: 138] 


I believe that this crash is more "client related" because the server itself is not crashing. When i check my PC I see that my memory from 16GB only has 4GB free. Maybe something memory related and thats why the game crash?! But do not understand why from decemter till february I did never had an issue!


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