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PVE/PVP Server Suggestion

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PVP North, PVE South, a line of Freeports at the equator. That would be a bit more exiting.

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I don't think that would work but if there was a way that would be cool. 

Here is why I was thinking it wouldn't work.

You're in the PvE zone and hitting your favorite tree and smacking your most cherished stone/iron node at your home in Palm Springs, Atlas. 90210.  A ship sails by and you recognize them and remember that they were the ones that tried to sink your ship and killed all your chickens and fed your prized LvL78 chicken Mildred to the sharks. So you're at home have loads of weapons and you can't do anything. If they are coming to smack your trees and rocks it would open up people bothering each other (I think it's called griefing?), all kinds of new word inventions and nasty exchanges.  Not only that if the person living in the PvE zone had a bank and PvPers were coming all the time and smacking rocks and hitting your trees, who would become rich and eventually wipe some poor PvPer of the world. *Cough me!

It would definitely work in Role Playing as there are a lot of wakey rules that keep these things from happening. Our they always have po po, police.

Maybe what should be done for PvP is NO AI SOTDs and everyone LvLs up at an x10 rate however if you die you start over at LvL1 and yes a way to use and keep your gear.

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